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Professional muralists since 1991

Our history

High-quality residential and commercial decorative paint since 1991

It all began with two friends: Jean-Sébastien Plaut, a graduate of Lyon's Émile Cohl illustration school, and Jean-Bruno Ricard, a graduate of Grenoble's Lesdiguière hotel school. They joined forces to create JSB Art Graphique, a company specializing specializing in graphic design and large-format illustrations on all types of media, including painted walls on buildings. After many years working in communications, they decided to return to their first passions and create Art of Roof: a company that combines their shared concern for ecology and Art.

  Jean-Sébastien PLAUT  Jean-Bruno RICARD

About us

Art of Roof : Painters in mural design since 1991

We have a painted wall culture, and now we're interested in your roof. Call us, we are, to our knowledge, the first structure to combine art and Cool Roofing: Cool Art



Top view paint roller placed in black tray filled with white pigment and placed on floor in renovating apartment

Freshen up the planet by offering a professional cool roofing service to supermarkets, industrial firms and local authorities. 

We've always been able to combine pragmatism and embellishment. Over the years we've been in contact with our professional customers, and we know that any expense must be worthwhile. We propose to put your environmental approach at the service of your business by offering you a unique concept: combining cool roofing and roof art.

Sustainability and the love of a job well done are certainly the values that represent us the most. 

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Years of experience


Graphic realizations

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About us

Committed since 1991

From the outset, our priority has always been quality rather than quantity. This approach is deeply rooted in our corporate values. In fact, our founders were among the first to adopt a sustainable development perspective. They instilled this mentality in our company. Choosing the best value for money remains important to us, but our commitment to quality remains essential. This concern for sustainability stems directly from the pioneering vision of our founders, who recognized the growing importance of sustainable development long before it became a major trend.


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