How does cool roofing work ? ❄️

Cool roof

The Principle

In which of these two cars will you feel the warmest if the sun starts to shine? 

Cool roofing is the action of making a roof of optimal whiteness and reflectivity(ratio of reflected energy to total incident energy) to repel solar radiation. This lowers the temperature inside the treated structure by up to 14.8% in summer. This saves up to 60% of the energy needed to air-condition the building.
And in winter? Some coatings are designed to reflect infrared radiation from inside the building, raising the ambient temperature by an average of 3.84°C.

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Pre-Operation Expertise

INSPECT Roof condition

If your roof is more than ' years old, it's likely that moss and lychens have begun to take hold. We can offer you an economical product based on lactic acid and ethanol to neutralize moss before coating.
This product cleans and descales your roof. It contains 99.5% substances of natural origin. 3. Its formula is eco-responsible, with no environmental classification, unlike quaternary or chlorinated ammonium-based formulas. It's non-foaming and gives visible results in just 24 hours. Economical, it can be used diluted to 50%. It is inert on materials.


Using a reflective, environmentally friendly paint known as "Cool Roof" offers many advantages in both summer and winter:

In summer, the sun's rays are reflected back into the space, drastically reducing the temperature at the roof's surface, and thus heat transmission within the building. This reduces the need for air-conditioning by up to -30%.
In winter, the insulating properties of the paint protect the original coating from humidity, thus reducing energy loss.
Air quality in the building is improved. The reduction in the use of air-conditioning reduces the quantity of fine particles emitted, among other things.
Photovoltaic panels increase their lifespan and profitability (as the heat at the roof's surface decreases).
Paint fills micro-cracks, increasing the roof's impermeability and durability.
This technique is less expensive than installing a green roof, both in terms of installation and maintenance.
If applied to several buildings in the same district, it would reduce the urban heat island effect, enabling temperatures to be lowered by up to several degrees. Source :



Depending on the condition of your roof, there are several possible solutions. A liquid coating provides a thin layer of durable protection, but is not strictly speaking a waterproofing system, or a cool roof waterproofing membrane performs both functions. We can offer you the formula best suited to your needs.

propose a communication strategy

Sustainable development has seen the emergence of new purchasing behaviors demanding greater traceability, transparency and environmental performance. For companies, CSR is now a lever for competitiveness, and communicating on their actions is the best way to demonstrate their commitment. It would be a shame to carry out such a far-reaching initiative without taking the opportunity to communicate its progress. Our expertise in the field of environmental communication ensures that your approach will be widely known.

take stock of the operation

With site inspections, before-and-after temperature measurements, social media coverage, press articles and reports, we'll give you as much information as possible about the success of your operation. 

Cool Roofing


Without proper roof defoaming, mosses continue to grow regardless of obstacles. They are capable of bypassing, covering and even slightly lifting roof coverings to grow again and again.

The damage they cause to roofing materialswill alter the watertightness of your roof. Rainwater then seeps into these open spaces, allowing mold to develop under the tiles. Moisture can also reach your ceilings, forcing you to makemajor repairs.

Before installing a cool roof, you need to ensure that your roof is in the best possible condition. It may be necessary to remove some or all of the moss and grime that could impair the quality and longevity of the coating. We use an environmentally-friendly product for this operation.

cleaning the roof

High-pressure cleaning will be carried out over the entire roof if it is not new. On a recent roof, the surface should at least be rinsed or vacuumed to avoid any dust.


A coat of primer must be applied to ensure that the membrane created by the coating is firmly attached to the existing coating, and to prevent bituminous build-up.


It requires two coats to achieve perfect reflectivity. The coating we use is a high-quality, durable, heat-reflective, hybrid, elastomeric acrylic coating that improves the building's thermal performance, particularly in summer.


To ensure that the cool roof remains as white as possible, we apply a protective film that has anti-UV (anti-aging of the lower layers) and self-cleaning properties.


A thorough inspection of the site will be carried out at the end of the work, with touch-ups if necessary.

Art of Roof

Submit a work

We'll come up with a graphic design to suit your business. Once we've selected the artwork, we'll make sure it looks good on your roof.


We'll make sure that your situation qualifies for our scheme from an administrative point of view, and we'll help you through the process.


create the work

The artist(s) themselves will create the artwork right on your roof. This work could be broadcast live in your company or community.

communicate about the work and the approach

Once again, you'll be able to enjoy media coverage of your roof as a work of COOL ART!


An original piece of Cool Art on your roof.

The idea behind Art of Roof is to make art accessible to as many people as possible. Inspired by Art Nouveau, comics and Pop Art, we'll be offering you lightweight artworks suitable for cool roofs. Thanks to our catalog of local and international artists, you'll be able to choose the style you like.

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