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Becoming a World Beyond company

At Art Of Roof, we are committed to refreshing the planet through the following CSR objectives

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At Art of Roof, our mission is to refresh the planet, and we are deeply committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the environment.
We firmly believe that it is our duty to preserve our planet for future generations.
We have integrated environmental concerns into our DNA and internal management systems, in order to reduce our ecological footprint and foster a sustainable future.

Here are a few concrete examples of our CSR and environmental actions:

Analysis of our environmental impact

We carry out an in-depth analysis of our environmental impacts, using methods such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and materiality analysis. This enables us to better understand our sources of impact and to implement measures to reduce them. Our manufacturer Prima Coating is carrying out an LCA, the results of which will be known in 2024.

Use of sustainable materials

We attach great importance to the use of sustainable materials in our operations. Whether in our cool roofing solutions or in the materials we use for our installations, we give preference to materials that are environmentally friendly and have a low impact on the planet. We work with AL éco conseils

Waste reduction

We have implemented a waste reduction program within our company. We are constantly looking for ways to optimize our use of resources and minimize waste production. We also encourage recycling and composting to reduce our ecological footprint. We are part of the Solucir network.

Use of renewable energies: we are a member of the Enercoop cooperative.

Awareness-raising and education

We are committed to raising awareness of environmental issues among our employees, customers and the community. We organize information sessions, training and awareness campaigns to promote sustainable and responsible practices. We support the Bad Seeds Army movement

Partnerships with environmental organizations

We collaborate with environmental organizations and associations to strengthen our environmental initiatives. We support reforestation, ecosystem preservation and biodiversity protection projects. We support the Bloom association

Transparency and communication

We are committed to being transparent in our practices and to communicating our progress on CSR and environmental issues. We publish regular reports on our initiatives, objectives and results, to engage our stakeholders and build trust.


At Art of Roof, we are proud of our commitment to CSR and the environment. We will continue to seek new opportunities for improvement, and to take concrete steps to help preserve our planet.

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