Why PrimaTherm® is the ideal choice for energy-efficient roofing :

Analysis ofArt of Roof ✅

Art of Roof chooses PrimaTherm® from Prima Coating for a high-performance, energy-efficient roof. Here's why:

Step 1: Defining the Essential Criteria
Before selecting the ideal coating, Art of Roof identified essential criteria such as avoiding bituminous build-up, maximizing solar reflection and guaranteeing long-term durability. Prima Coating's PrimaTherm® cool roof coating was chosen for these reasons:

Bonding primer

PrimaTherm® sets itself apart with an exclusive, unrivalled primer, the result of 5 years of research and development. It ensures robust adhesion without compromising the integrity of the roof, and prevents bituminous build-up.


Reflective Anti-Infrared Coatings

PrimaTherm® reflective coatings are extremely efficient (Solar Reflectance Index of 120), blocking infrared rays and reflecting up to 95% of solar radiation to reduce absorbed heat.



Anti-UltraViolet Mineral Protection Resin

The mineral resin in the PrimaTherm® system offers incomparable robustness, guaranteeing 15/20-year protection against weather and UV with an SRI rating of 119, as well as self-cleaning properties.



Step 2: Eliminate Alternatives
Various alternatives were examined and eliminated:

Competing reflective coatings: None has been able to match PrimaTherm®'s performance, particularly in terms of adhesion and weather resistance.

Integral Insulation Membranes: Despite their promise of insulation, they didn't meet the criteria for adhesion and solar reflection.

Silicone-based coatings: although offering UV protection, they lacked reflective efficiency and durability.

Elastomer-based coatings: although elastic, they failed to meet standards for solar reflection and adhesion.

Conclusion: Unquestionable superiority of the PrimaTherm® system
After a methodical evaluation process, PrimaTherm® proved to be the optimal choice. Each layer of PrimaTherm® was evaluated, confirming its superiority in terms of performance, durability and energy-efficiency for an exceptional service life.

PrimaTherm® does not contain any substances of concern as defined by theECHA. It does not meet the PBT/vPvB criteria of the REACH regulationand none of its components is endocrine disrupting according to EU regulations.

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