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The cool roof is the quickest, easiest, cheapest and most effective option for limiting global warming.

Steven Chu

Nobel Prize in Physics, Standford University

Art of Roof, cool roof applicator for France and Europe

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7 advantages of a cool roof

Heat reduction inside the building

Cool roofs reflect much of the sun's heat, keeping indoor temperatures cooler.

Energy savings and photovoltaic optimization

By reducing the cooling load required to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building, cool roofs save on air-conditioning costs.
In addition, the photovoltaic panels installed on a cool roof produce an efficiency gain of around 8%.

Extended roof life

Cooled roofs are less exposed to damage from heat and UV radiation, making them more durable and wear-resistant.

Improving air quality

By reducing heat inside the building, cooling roofs help improve indoor air quality by reducing pollution. By encapsulating VOCs in bituminous membranes, they contribute to healthier outdoor air.

Lower temperatures in the urban environment

Cooling roofs help reduce the temperature of the urban environment by reducing the urban heat island effect.

Improved aesthetics

Our preference for white in the design of cooling roofs is based on its optimal performance. By effectively reflecting heat, white makes a significant contribution to energy savings, meeting the crucial needs of the tertiary sector, our main area of focus. The integration of line art on the white surface offers aesthetic diversity, adding a touch of elegance and embellishment to the buildings concerned. This combination of energy performance and aesthetic variety reflects our commitment to offering complete solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the commercial sector.

Respect for the environment

Our cooling roofs embody our commitment to the environment, combining sustainability and energy efficiency. Designed with sustainable water-based materials, they act as a barrier to the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) contained in bituminous membranes, improving air and water quality and reducing urban heat islands. By reflecting solar radiation, these roofs minimize heat absorption, generating significant energy savings. Our approach aims to create healthier urban environments while contributing to energy savings, embodying our vision of environmentally-friendly construction.



Did you know?

In summer, the temperature of a bitumen roof can reach 80ºC at the surface,

but no more than 40ºC on a cool roof.



What sets us apart from our competitors?

Our primary commitment lies in our relentless pursuit of quality. Since 1991, we have been infusing architecture with art. Today, we combine our artistic passion with energy efficiency and the fight against urban heat islands. We offer you the opportunity to save money on your electricity bill, while allowing you to communicate in a unique way.


,CEE premiums for cool roofs work as follows:

Eligible product selection: Choose a cool roof that meets the eligibility criteria, such as PrimaTherm®.

Installation by a certified professional such as Art of Roof

Applying for the premium: Submit an application for the premium to your energy supplier or approved body, providing the required documents.

Validation and allocation After verification, you will be awarded the corresponding CEE premium.

Ask your energy supplier for specific details of the application process.

The best Cool Roofing paint on the market

Our partnership with Prima Coating, French manufacturer 🇫🇷 of cool roof solutions, enables us to offer the crème de la crème when it comes to energy efficiency.🥇

We prefer PrimaTherm® coating, which boasts the best Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) on the market, at 120 ❄️. This remarkable performance is the result of a four-step process involving the application of an exclusive primer, two base coats and a mineral finish. This meticulous approach guarantees not only a significant reduction in the heat absorbed by the roof , but also consequent energy savings 💶 and exceptional longevity . By choosing our cool roof solution, you're opting for excellence in thermal comfort and durability, while helping to combat urban heat islands . 


Whiter than white

In simple terms, the cladding used must be capable of reflecting a large amount of sunlight to help keep the building cool. This is measured by theSolar Reflectance Index (SRI) ❄️. To qualify, this index must be over 100 when new and over 90 when worn, according to specific standards. Our cladding meets these criteria, with an SRI of 120 when new and 119 after 15/20 years. This means it's highly effective in keeping your building cool and helping to reduce urban heat islands.

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La Référence

Our manufacturing partners

We have a special relationship with our partner PRIMA COATING, French manufacturer of PrimaTherm® 4-layer cool roof coating, the cool roof with the highest SRI on the market: 120

SIKA, world leader in waterproofing membranes, supports us with
cool roof waterproofing membranes Sikalastic®-530 Reflect

Our manufacturer of ecological maintenance and treatment products with its 7Naturtech range

We selected Peintures DANIEL for its cool roof Procom® liquid waterproofing.


Art of Roof

Having white roofs on all flat-roofed buildings and sidewalks would be the equivalent of removing all cars from the world for
18 years

Arthur H. Rosenfeld

Sponsor of energy efficiency, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

cool roof avis

Up to 15% energy savings

Depending on the height of a commercial or industrial building, white roofs can achieve energy savings of up to 15%, according to the specialist - work on color clarity that should be extended to facades for greater efficiency. Franck STASSI - l'Usine Nouvelle

one of the quickest and least expensive ways of slowing global warming

Should the zinc roofs of Paris be repainted white? That's what Nobel Prize-winning physicist and former US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu seems to be advising. He believes that "cool roofs - roofs that reflect solar radiation - are one of the fastest and least expensive ways to slow global warming" - John Sapporo - Le Moniteur

More than 500 million square meters: that's the cumulative surface area of flat roofs on all commercial, industrial and public buildings in France.

More than 500 million square meters: that's the cumulative surface area of flat roofs on all commercial, industrial and public buildings in France. A French company is proposing to cover them with a "reflective" white paint. The aim of this "cool-roofing" process is to lower the temperature inside the building, thereby reducing air-conditioning consumption. Bernard Deboyser - Energy Revolution



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